Cancellation Policy

Vacation From Cleaning: Last updated September 14, 2023.

Policy for Users/Members/ Subscribers/ Contractors:

It is the policy of Vacation From Cleaning (VFC) to have a reasonable expectation that when a cleaning is scheduled that the User intends to have the service(s) performed. With this understanding VFC acknowledges that there are times when services need to be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances.  The policy is established to consider all parties in the agreement, the User, VFC and the Independent Contractor.

The User always maintains the right to reschedule or cancel a scheduled service; however, cancellations at or less than 12 hours of the date/time of service are subject to a cancellation fee of 15% of the contract amount in the absence of a rescheduled date/time.

If the User cancels and reschedules the same day, a cancellation fee is not applied.

If the User cancels and does not reschedule, there will be a fee paid to the Contractor for the opportunity cost in scheduling and forgoing other opportunities for the cancelled job.

If cancellations become a pattern for the User, VFC reserves the right with full discretion to remove the User from the platform as this will be considered a mis-use or abuse of the platform.

Independent Contractors accept the service contract with full intent to fulfill the contract. The Contractor may come across a need to reschedule. Reschedules are permitted. If the User agrees to the reschedule, there is no issue.

When the User cannot accommodate the Contractor Reschedule, the User request is re-entered into the marketplace and another Contractor can accept the job.

Repeated cancellations by a Contractor may result in the Contractor being removed from the platform as a suspension or permanently at the full discretion of VFC.