Together, the members of our Vacation from Cleaning team have a ton of years of expertise in the cleaning business. Our crew of expert cleaners does about fifteen cleaning tasks every day. That works up to almost 3,750 cleaning tasks annually (not including weekends). With so much expertise under their belt, we’ve discovered some incredible cleaning tips and tricks.

We’ve spent years trying and testing various methods and supplies, and we’ve come up with some very useful cleaning tricks and suggestions. These really kind pros were kind enough to share their top 5 Bathroom Cleaning Services and suggestions with us today! Please let us know if you decide to use any of these cleaning industry tips! We would be interested in learning about your successes with these incredible cleaning methods. Now, let’s get started!

1.To remove stains from hard water…

Hard water stains, farewell! Hard water stains on glass shower doors and metal taps are an all too common sight. Hard water stains can give the appearance of extreme dirtiness in your bathroom, even when the stain is only from water, which isn’t really unclean.

Our team of expert cleaners has tested a wide range of cleaning agents and products, and we have found that toilet bowl cleaning solution is quite effective in removing hard water stains! In no time at all, you can restore the original shine to your metal taps, handles, and other details with a generous application of toilet bowl cleaning and a sturdy scrub brush.

2.To get shiny surfaces in your bathroom…

Look at those glossy surfaces! No one will be bemoaning the shine, even though a clean bathroom doesn’t necessarily equate to a miraculously shiny bathroom! Our staff of experienced cleaners recommends an intriguing combination for the sparkling, shimmering surfaces of your bathroom. Make a paste using baking soda, Dawn dish detergent, and a tiny bit of water to obtain the ideal solution.

After making this amazing paste for Bath Cleaning Services, use it to scrape down every surface. After that, wipe everything off and give every bathroom surface a vinegar spritz. Repeatedly scrub the surfaces, followed by a water rinse and a microfiber cloth dry. Your bathroom will appear like something out of an interior design magazine if you apply this solution and this cleaning method on all the surfaces in it, including granite, laminate, tile, stone, and more!

3.To keep your toilet bowl clean…

Meet the toilet cleaning bomb and the toilet bowl. Construct a bomb to clean toilets! You may prepare ahead of time with these simple and quick toilet cleaning bombs for Toilet Drain Cleaning, which will speed up and reduce the amount of elbow grease needed for bathroom cleaning.

Here’s the recipe

Mix ⅓ cup liquid soap and two cups baking soda in a bowl. Combine these components. This mixture should be formed into tiny, palm-sized balls, which should then be placed on a baking pan. Give them two hours to dry. And presto! Your bombs for cleaning toilets are prepared.

To clean your toilet, just pour some vinegar into the bowl and then use a toilet cleaning bomb. Give this a few minutes to settle while you finish up another item on your bathroom cleaning checklist. Next, just give your toilet a thorough cleaning with your standard toilet brush. Rinse the dish with a flush, then scrub it down one more time. You’re done now! With less work than ever, your toilet bowl will be cleaner than before.

4.To remove calcium deposits from hardware made of stainless steel…

Quickly obtain shower heads free of calcium! Like stains from hard water, calcium accumulation may give the appearance of grime in even the cleanest bathrooms. In the bathroom, calcium buildup is especially frequent on stainless steel fixtures including shower heads, faucets, and knobs. Although cleaning is difficult, our amazing maids have figured out how to do it!

Your stainless steel hardware may be completely free of calcium buildup by mixing white vinegar with water. If at all feasible, soak the stainless steel components in a solution of vinegar and water to clean rid of the stains and give those bathroom features a more elegant appearance. If soaking is not feasible, just scrub with a cleaning solution made of vinegar and water.

It can be especially bad for shower heads to accumulate calcium buildup. Just take out the shower head, soak it in white vinegar, replace it, and flush it out with hot water to get them free of calcium. You’ll be surprised at how successful this strategy is!

Note: To preserve the integrity of the brass shower heads, avoid soaking them in vinegar for more than thirty minutes.

5.To clean grout completely…

Wipe up the dust, debris, and mildew from the grout in your bathroom. Our crew of miracle maids has discovered that warm water and a thorough scrub down with a medium bristle brush can work wonders for your typical, everyday unclean grout.

However, grout can occasionally become severely discolored or even moldy. Once more, a seemingly little item in your bathroom but one that, properly maintained, may have a profound impact. When a combination of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide isn’t working, our expert cleaners like to use warm water and a medium-bristle brush. We’ve found that moldy and discolored grout just can’t survive with this combination, a decent brush, and a little elbow grease. After scrubbing, all you need to do is rinse the grout with warm water to remove any remaining substance, and voila—clean grout!

Look online for cleaning-related inspiration!

We’d strongly advise following some seasoned cleaners on your preferred social media network if you’re seeking for cleaning tips or inspiration for your bathroom. Over the past few years, it appears that TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram have become overtaken with satisfying cleaning videos. Online experts, seasoned cleaning businesses, and even homeowners who like a tidy house have been disseminating their own, time-tested methods.

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